Client Spotlight – ECDO, Forever Harlem

A Symphony of Hope and Community Growth

Harlem, a vibrant neighbourhood of New York City, has been the focus of artistic, cultural, and socio-economic evolution for decades. But behind the bustling streets and historical landmarks, community-driven organizations have tirelessly worked to uplift and empower its residents. Among them stands ECDO, Forever Harlem, an exemplary organization dedicated to making a difference for over 40 years.

ECDO (short for *Ecumenical Community Development Organization*) has carved a unique identity for itself. Their not-for-profit initiatives have been deeply embedded within Harlem, ranging from the development of affordable housing to influential youth mentoring programs. The crown jewel among their contributions is undoubtedly the ECDO’s Early Childhood Educational Center. This center aims to provide quality educational services to the younger residents of Harlem, ensuring a brighter future and foundation for them.

Playocity has had the privilege of partnering with ECDO for several years. During our recent visit to NYC, we had a heart-to-heart chat with Weenia and Martha, who are the driving forces behind ECDO, making it possible for our team to deliver fantastic enrichment programs for young learners.

Client Spotlight - ECDO - a Glimpse inside ECDO

ECDO’s Core Philosophy

Weenia, an Administrative Director at ECDO, has been with the organization for over 17 years. “I started as a parent, and later I transitioned to the Family Service. That shift was both exciting and fulfilling because it allowed me to interact closely with the families. The wellness of a family directly translates to the well-being of the child, and this interconnection is something I cherish,” she mentioned.

The core philosophy of ECDO revolves around holistic development. Their primary goal, as Weenia points out, is to ensure that when children transition to kindergarten, they are fully prepared, both academically and emotionally. This philosophy is strongly reinforced by the enrichment programs introduced in their curriculum. Such programs, according to Weenia, amplify the daily learning activities and teach children vital life skills like self-regulation, while also ensuring they have fun in the process.

The Importance of Enrichment Programs

Enrichment programs are more than just supplementary activities. For young learners, they provide an avenue to explore beyond the conventional, to develop and discover their unique talents and inclinations. Such programs play a crucial role in moulding a child’s overall character and approach toward life.

When quizzed about what she looks for in third-party service providers, Weenia emphasized the significance of clear communication. It’s a testament to ECDO’s commitment to ensuring that every program, initiative, or collaboration aligns with its overarching vision for the children they serve.

Client Spotlight - ECDO Facilities

Overcoming Challenges in a Post-COVID World

The after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been profound and have left a mark on young minds. The challenges of dealing with emotional and behavioural residue post-COVID are manifold. In response to this, Weenia voiced the need to introduce activities like Yoga and Mindfulness in their curriculum.

Weenia’s observations resonate deeply with Playocity’s evolving approach to enrichment programs. We, at Playocity, are also proactively channelling our resources to integrate Yoga and mindfulness activities, guided meditation, and positive affirmations practice into all our classes. Such practices, both at ECDO and within our offerings, are geared towards helping children navigate their emotions, providing them with tools to find a center of calm amidst the residual turbulence of these times.

ECDO is a shining example of what community-driven initiatives can achieve. With dedicated personnel like Weenia and Martha, the organization is all set to continue its remarkable mission to uplift and empower the residents of Harlem. Playocity is honoured to be a part of this journey and looks forward to fostering this relationship in the years to come.

Client Spotlight - ECDO & Playocity

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