Our Thoughts on Helping Children through Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs can Help Children Deal with Today’s Challenges

Just some thoughts and reflections from our team at Playocity.

Enrichment Programs Alanna Budhoo
People across the world are dealing with a global pandemic and overwhelming feelings of confusion and isolation, and we are hoping that our programs can bring people together and make a positive impact. Enrichment programs are an integral part of childhood and early learning as they can help children cope with real world issues they are facing today. Our goal is to provide a platform for children to engage in a way that is different from the typical classroom – challenging them in a fun and interesting way and encouraging  them to be excited about learning. – Alanna Budhoo
Enrichment programs Krystina Chabursky
I believe that the arts offer a unique opportunity for youth to find magic in the mundane, and turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Extra-curricular programs such as dance, drama, and music, encourage the development of social skills and provide different avenues to explore thought, knowledge, and feelings. Kids can become superheroes by make-believe and through movement, games, and imaginative play, build self-confidence and self-expression. The arts empower youth to exercise their creativity and explore new topics of interest that at times, like during the current global pandemic, might not be easily accessible to them.Krystina Chabursky.
Enrichment Programs to help kids - Asante Tracey
We live in a time like no other. More than ever, our young people have great and unprecedented challenges ahead; nothing short of the end of the world as we know it, in fact. And now more than ever, will creative, aspirational minds have the greatest impact on what is truly an uncertain future. Historically, the arts have fostered such minds, and our present era is no different. An artist’s mind flows like a river- freely, endlessly and completely; always in awe and wonder at the new ground it discovers. Creativity can come in all forms however, whether it be the arts, the sciences or humanities. Ultimately, creativity is simply possessing flexibility of the mind. Enrichment and extra-curricular programs impart the fundamental tools for building such flexibility. Bolstered by a growth mindset and co-operative pursuits, programs such as those offered by Playocity are well on their way to positioning themselves as the new standard. While these may be troubling, anxious and isolating times for some, they are also exciting and transformative times for us all. Amidst pandemics, racial injustice, political turmoil and environmental crises are voices; young voices rising loud and clear above all others. Voices of hope, compassion and a desire for change. We here at Playocity will strive to give those voices a stage and a mic. – Asante Tracey.
Enrichment Programs Mirka Loiselle

An education in the arts empowers children and youth in so many important ways. It encourages self-expression, curiosity, innovation … and, of course, creativity. Now more than ever, this world needs creative thinkers. We need people who can imagine beautiful and radical possibilities for our future, and who have the courage to manifest those possibilities in the world around them: through song, dance, images, and through the relationships they forge with their peers. I look forward to helping my students cultivate these skills, so that they can move forward into this challenging year with hope, confidence, and kindness. – Mirka Loiselle

Enrichment Programs Alena Tuchina

Thinking back to my school years, the happiest and most exciting memories are not associated with studying a multiplication table, or writing endless chemical equations. It’s the priceless experiences and discoveries born in the playground. It’s all the valuable lessons learned while making DIY costumes for a talent show, rehearsing choreography, or creating props for a school play. Today, more than ever, children need more opportunities to connect, collaborate, and have a feeling of togetherness. I believe our programs can help make a difference. Participation in fitness based activities and creative discovery will ultimately help kids to be more emotionally resilient and deal with many challenges they are faced with today. – Alena Tuchina

Enrichment Programs Orchid Chen

As adults, we are responding to this pandemic differently. Some of us with courage and compassion, and others with reasonable fear. I’m curious about what kids are thinking. If we can unearth their inner thoughts, we can help the next generation of leaders to become aware of uncertainty, and to respond with strength. Lively debates, “what if” scenarios, and multiple perspectives can foster empathy. Let’s give little humans an opportunity to have many thoughtful conversations about our current realities. – Orchid Chen

Enrichment Programs Bailey Woodman

Extra-curricular programs and the arts are the reason I am the person I am today. As a professional dancer, I have realized through the pandemic that no matter where I am – I need to dance.  Whether in my living room, an empty yet spacious Wal-Mart parking lot or a studio, dance is my fuel.  It has been the bright spot in my day for the six months and having a moment to connect with other dancers sharing that same need for joy gives me so much energy.  I have been fortunate enough to dance across the world and if there’s one thing I know, it’s that dance is a universal language that connects us all.  It’s organizations like Playocity that we need more than ever right now, wherever you may find yourself. – Bailey Woodman

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