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Playocity is where learning meets creative play!

Children have a fundamental need to play. This means exploring, testing, imagining, and creating – key ingredients of our class recipe!

We are a community-engaged arts collective committed to curating play-based and engaging classes for kids of all ages, with a focus on movement and creative expression.

We work with schools, daycares, community centres, organizations, and families. Our goal is to educate, empower, and inspire learners through the spirit of play, creativity, and social collaboration!

We are on a mission to bring play and learning together to promote creativity in future generations.





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Drawing & Painting

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Film & Theatre

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No matter where you are from, or what your circumstances are, Playocity welcomes you. We are an open and diverse family. All identities, religions, and nationalities are safe here. 


Play is an essential part of learning and the heart and soul of Playocity. Play-based learning leads to greater social, emotional, and academic success. We are on a mission to bring play and learning together to promote creativity in future generations.

Healthy Mind & Body

It is one of our goals to provide tools and resources to help children get active, connect, collaborate, and have a feeling of togetherness. We believe that participation in arts and movement-based activities will ultimately help children achieve better physical and mental health.

Unique Enrichment Programs

All lesson plans are created in-house by a designated team of educators who have 20+ years of experience in the field. Our programs are designed to promote mental and physical wellness by tapping into learners’ innate need to play.

Amazing Edutainment Specialists

We pride ourselves on working with amazing educators who are naturally confident and engaging on the screen due to their versatile backgrounds and extensive experience in theatre, film, and television. They bring a pervasive sense of enthusiasm and joy to every session.

Imaginative & Ethical Use of Technology

We curate a balance of supervised instruction and homework assignments that will spark curiosity and encourage offline activities and creativity. Real-time live instruction allows students to be fully supervised and on schedule.

Portfolio & Project-Based Learning

Exciting hands-on projects are built into our enrichment programs. Learners showcase their creativity and acquired knowledge in real-time, by building their portfolios. Students will collaborate and work as a team to create original stories, illustrations, screen plays, and amazing works-of-art!

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“Play is considered to be so essential to healthy development that the United Nations has recognized it as a specific right for all children.”

The Council of Ministers of Education