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Storytime Adventure Club
Storytime Adventure Club Online Classes

How it works…

In this multi-lesson club, children will explore stories behind their favourite TV shows and participate in a wide range of activities like dancing, acting, imaginative play, and storytelling!

  • Weekly classes
  • Flexible schedule
  • Perfect for 3-6 year olds
  • 45 minutes per class
  • Up to 12 students
  • $97.50 per class | $780 per term

Storytime Adventure Club – Program Description

Musical Theatre at any age can stimulate a lifelong love for performance, fun-filled storytelling, and character-building. Now you can tell the same stories as those you see on screen, with multiple lessons devoted to the most popular characters of children’s’ TV shows today!

Introducing Storytime Adventure Club, featuring a wide variety of weekly themes inspired by Peppa Pig, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, and Toy Story!

Children will explore the story behind their favourite theme songs and participate in a wide range of activities like dancing, acting, imaginative play, and storytelling while developing confidence, concentration, memory, and presentation skills.

Weekly lessons include:

  • Introducing main characters, storyline, and watching a trailer together
  • Storytelling mixed with themed activities
  • Activities include pretend play, dancing, sing-along, fitness exercises, and games
  • Sharing or “show and tell” where learners get an opportunity to talk to the teacher, answer questions, and share something with the rest of the class

Storytime Adventure Club – Term 1

Week 1 – Peppa Pig
Week 2 – Frozen
Week 3 – Toy Story
Week 4 – Tangled
Week 5 – Alice in Wonderland
Week 6 – The Lion King
Week 7 – The Little Mermaid
Week 8 – Soul

Storytime Adventure Club – Term 2

Week 1 – Moana
Week 2 – Peter Pan
Week 3 – Aladdin
Week 4 – Magic School Bus
Week 5 – Paw Patrol
Week 6 – Super Mario
Week 7 – Trolls
Week 8 – Brave

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