Space Adventure Club

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Welcome to Space Adventure Club

An immersive multi-disciplinary experience presented in a series of live zoom sessions! Let’s pack up all the necessary gear and supplies, put on our imaginary spacesuits, and get ready for take-off. This is going to be an epic journey where we get to explore the fascinating world of outer space, planets, and alien creatures.

It is the year 2563 on planet Earth. We will start by following Maya and her two friends as they take their spaceship to outer space and encounter the black hole. We will practise shooting star and crescent moon yoga poses and learn a fun space-themed dance. Be prepared to unleash your creativity and channel your inner scientist as we turn our phones into mini projectors, and create a straw rocket launcher.

We will dance and play along the way as we learn more about gravity, space exploration, planets, and the solar system. This program is the perfect combination of sensory activities, fitness and creative movement elements, science experiments, and an opportunity for children to socially connect with their peers in a fun setting!

Space Adventure Club March Break Camp

Camp Schedule

Class 1 – Storytelling
• We will follow Maya and her friends through their Galaxy adventure (short story “There’s a hole in my Galaxy”)
• Creative movement, games, show & tell activities

Class 2 – Arts & Crafts
• 4-7 year olds: balloon stamping planet painting.
• 8-12 year olds: marbled paper planet project.

Class 3 – Yoga
• Learning and practising space inspired Yoga poses.
• Participating in Yoga games and mindfulness exercises. 

Class 4 – Science & Engineering
• 4-7 year olds: mini-projector night light project.
• 8-12 year olds: mini projector and air-propelled rocket project.

Class 5 – Dance
• We will learn a cool high energy dance choreographed to a space-themed song.

Space Adventure Club – 4-7 years old

5 Classes | 45 minutes each

Flexible frequency

Every day, once a week, twice a week

Live Zoom meetings

Price – $500 CAD

Space Adventure Club – 8-12 years old

5 Classes | 60 minutes each

Flexible frequency

Every day, once a week, twice a week

Live Zoom meetings

Price – $600 CAD

Message us to book or check availability!