Classes available to families, homeschoolers, and learning pods

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Extra-Curricular Classes & Clubs

Choose from our collection of unique classes. Every program has a theme and journey – your child is the main character!

Our programs are designed to promote mental and physical wellness by tapping into learners’ innate need to play. Every program has a unique list of fundamental skills that will be gained.

Live online instruction is paired with creative offline assignments. Teachers deliver the course in a playful, adventurous way.

Self-paced and self-motivated. Students and parents are in control.

Choose when you want to start. Pick what you find interesting!

Programs Goals


Build social and transferrable skills


Teach the confidence to be leaders in communities


Promote inclusivity, diversity and multiculturalism


Boost mental and physical wellness


Encourage PLAY to spark creativity and innovation

Different ways to experience Playocity programs

Playocity on Outschool

Playocity is offering a wide range of drop-in and ongoing weekly classes on Outschool, the largest marketplace of live online classes for kids. Visit our profile to check out the schedule and to sign up!

Heroes of Play Camps

"Heroes of Play" Seasonal Camps - in-person full week experience incorporating Dance, Yoga, Creative Movement, Arts & Crafts, Storytelling, and Theatre.

Playocity on Eventbrite

One of our goals is to make enrichment programs available to everyone, and especially for communities and children who need them the most. Check our Eventbrite profile for more information and to sign up for the next class!


Become a Happier Family Member

Teachers encourage students to be mindful of the importance of learning offline and the importance of family time.

Students can gather real-life experiences that become a fundamental part of their lessons.

Learners will be required to engage in their real-world and bring individual experiences to their online learning.

Become a Self Starter

By promoting and encouraging students to own their education, teachers create opportunities for them to find personal motivation.

Our programs are designed to make students excited, and to speak to their hearts.

When it feels like play, children will naturally be motivated to seek out information and expand their knowledge.

Become a Champion of Time

Our enrichment programs teach the very important skill of time management, a tool children will need in their educational and professional futures.

Structure in education is important but it is also important to have time with family, friends, and to engage in physical activity.

They are leaders of their education and ultimately creators of when and how they learn.

Imaginative & Ethical Use of Technology

Through our virtual classes, students will gain a better understanding of how virtual learning works and the multitude of programs that can be successful online.

We curate a balance of supervised instruction and homework assignments that will spark curiosity and encourage offline activities and creativity.

Students will be encouraged to use current tools of communication, design, and collaboration.


My daughter had so much fun in The Art of Nature class! Loved how the teacher incorporated both science and art in each class. The projects were fun and educational which was a win for us!


Outschool Parent

My children enjoyed the Lights, Camera, Action! program very much, thank you!!!



Edward had so much fun in this class! The teacher was brilliant and energetic and super friendly, thank you so much!


Outschool Parent

This was my son's first Outschool class and we all loved it. It was fully entertaining, and a good workout for him. We really loved the teacher! Definitely will be signing up again.


Outschool Parent

This class was everything we hoped for and more - Krystina was pure sunshine and energy! She kept the class engaged and focused while also active and dancing.


Outschool Parent

Absolutely wonderful teacher. My child adored her, and did so much rigorous learning about scripts, writing, story, scenes, and acting. I'd sign him up for whatever she was teaching.


Outschool Parent

“Play expands intelligence, stimulates the imagination, encourages creative problem solving, and helps develop confidence, self-esteem, and a positive attitude toward learning.”

Dr. Fraser Mustard