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Extra-Curricular Enrichment Classes

Our programs cover a wide range of topics that deepen and enrich even the most rigorous standard curriculum. They are designed to promote mental and physical wellness by tapping into learners’ innate need to play. Every program has a unique list of fundamental skills that will be gained.

Teachers deliver each course in a playful, adventurous way. Even though classes are delivered online, learners are encouraged to engage in activities away from the screen – and get adventurous!

Programs Goals

  • Build social and transferrable skills
  • Teach children confidence to be leaders in their communities
  • Build a community and create a collaborative environment that embraces inclusivity, diversity and exposure to different cultures
  • Promote mental and physical wellness
  • Inspire the importance of PLAY to spark creativity and innovation

How it works…

Virtual Classes (Live on Zoom)
All classes are conducted virtually (live on zoom) for the time being. Hybrid versions of our programs will be available in the future (a mix of virtual and in-person classes).

Learners can participate in classes while they are all together on site, or log in from their homes (or a combination of both).

Age Ranges & Group Sizes
  • Our programs are available for all ages, K-12 and older. We suggest grouping participants as close in age as possible for the best experience.
  • Group sizes are customizable and would depend on specific activities/curriculum, but we usually recommend a maximum of 10-15 participants per Zoom room.
Program & Class Duration
  • Suggested program length – 8-10 weeks
  • Suggested frequency – once/twice per week
  • Suggested class length – 20-30 minutes for toddlers | 30-45 minutes for Preschool & Kindergarten | 45-60 minutes for School Age

Featured Classes, Programs, and Events

Virtual summer camps for kids 2021

Summer Camps 2021

Summer is just around the corner and we are excited to introduce Virtual Summer Camps! We invite schools and day care centres to join us for fantastic summer classes filled with new experiences, learning opportunities, and a safe space to develop critical life skills.

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Storytime Adventure Club - Online Musical Theatre and Dance Classes for Kids

Storytime Adventure Club

Musical Theatre at any age can stimulate a lifelong love for performance, fun-filled storytelling, and character-building. Now you can tell the same stories as those you see on screen, with multiple lessons devoted to the most popular characters of children’s’ TV shows today! Introducing Storytime Adventure Club, featuring a wide variety of weekly themes inspired by Peppa Pig, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, and Toy Story!

More Info

Space Adventure Club Online Camp

Space Adventure Club

An immersive multi-disciplinary experience presented in a series of live zoom sessions! Let’s pack up all the necessary gear and supplies, put on our imaginary spacesuits, and get ready for take-off. This is going to be an epic journey where we get to explore the fascinating world of outer space, planets, and alien creatures. This program is the perfect combination of sensory activities, fitness and creative movement elements, science experiments, and an opportunity for children to socially connect with their peers in a fun setting!

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Choose from our Collection of Unique Enrichment Programs

Every program has a theme and journey— your child is the main character!

Online fitness classes for kids Superhero Fitness Academy

Superhero Fitness Academy

Who is your favourite superhero? Is it Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, your dad, or maybe your older sister Sophie? Taking inspiration from your favourite superhero idols, we will use our imagination to create and bring to life our own original superhero characters. Read More

Online dance programs for kids Global Dance Jam

One Love - Global Dance Jam

Global Dance Jam provides children with a unique opportunity to learn about different cultures and experience exciting and dynamic dance styles: African Fusion, Latin Fusion, Bollywood, and Hawaiian. Read More

Online dance programs for kids Hip Hop 101

Hip Hop 101

Turn up the beat and get ready to groove! Hip Hop has served as a crucial creative outlet and community-builder for black youths since the 1980s. Known for its fast and energetic pace, this creative form of dance is often seen in music videos. Read More

online yoga programs for kids Love and Kindness Yoga

Love & Kindness Yoga

Yoga is a gentle way to build body strength and flexibility in growing bodies while instilling calm and focus. Join us for a very special program that will help us explore what love means to each of us. It’s a great opportunity to talk to our children about love and happiness and discuss different ways we can show people we care for them. Read More

online yoga classes for kids Jungle Adventure

Jungle Yoga Adventure

Yoga lessons are fun and active, starting with a 5-minute introduction to the focus of the day, followed by warm-up, games, postures, visualization, and relaxation time. Explore some of the world’s unusual and fascinating creatures through movement. Read More

Online art programs for kids The Art of Nature

The Art of Nature

This program will guide children as they explore, learn, journal, draw, paint, and create artwork inspired by the Great Outdoors. Participants will be encouraged to go on mini adventures and make amazing nature discoveries while learning about seasons, weather, birds, bugs, trees, plants, and flowers! Read More

Online creative writing programs for Kids

Creative Writing

Children are naturally creative and their world is one of imagination and magic. However, getting those ideas onto a piece paper can become a challenging task…unless you are guided through a creative writing process in a playful, age-appropriate, and engaging way! Read More

online acting and drama programs for kids ScreenPLAY

ScreenPLAY Workshops

ScreenPLAY is a series of acting workshops where students will be taught by a professional actor, coach, and film/theatre industry expert. This immersive experience will guide learners through an exciting process of writing an original short script, casting for specific parts, and getting familiar with everything that happens behind the scenes. Read More

online history programs for kids The Silk Road

History Series: The Silk Road

Welcome traveler, to the legendary Silk Road, an ancient trade route that carried goods and ideas between Eastern and Western civilizations. Together we will explore a brief history of civilizations and re-enact the various roles of the major players along the silk road – merchants, nomads, explorers and many more. Read More

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“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning.”

Fred Rogers, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood